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The Truth about Obesity

Our focus in on the importance of weight control – perhaps the most challenging aspect of healthy-living that anyone faces. Our brochures ‘The Obesity Crisis’ and ‘The Obesity Killer’, which you can download below, tell you the facts.

There is a range of initiatives coming from Government all of which we applaud. Slimming clubs, dietary advice, food labelling, special health care-workers and the rest.

Our approach is to focus on you, the individual, and to try to work out what works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our collaborative colleagues, Dr Sarah Whiteman and Dr Linda Duffy will be providing answers to the many questions they encounter in their daily clinical and academic work.

This website is FREE: you pay no fees to become a member of our community. You pay nothing to join us: we rely on advertising to pay the overheads and, by the way, 10% of the revenues go straight to our charity ‘Obesity Research’ wherein we sponsor improvements in healthy living.

FAQs from October 2020

Ms KL asks
‘My mum and my doctor say I am too thin. I am worried I am anorexic. Who will help me?’
Bill from Padstow asks
‘How can hunger pains be psychological? You are either hungry or you’re not.’
George from London feels strongly:
‘I think this BMI thing is bollocks. It’s just a rouse to allow doctors to sell their useless dietary books.’
Fatima in Leicester offers some advice:
‘I don’t trust British food manufacturers. You are better to follow Halal certification which ensures that food products are in adherence with Islamic laws and gives confidence to Muslims globally.’
Mr and Mrs FG say
‘Every morning we fight to get to the bathroom first to weigh ourselves. How come we eat carefully and put weight on?’


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